Dangers of Bad Credit

credit repairDid you know that you have a credit score that keeps tabs on your every credit inquiry? It also tracks all your payments, history, lack of payments, your open accounts, closed accounts, bankruptcies, liens, repossessions, balances, closed accounts, and many more factors around your financial life that you probably don’t even remember. What does all this information add up to? To telling credit card companies whether or not they’re going to get their money back. If they feel like you’re a risk, you probably won’t get a line of credit for a card, car, home etc… and if you have a bad credit score that is around 560 or so, you’ll probably get some kind of approval but it will be at the high cost of a high interest rate, often over 21% on a credit card, which is ridiculous.

Credit report repair is something that everyone needs to be mindful of, and anybody can do on their own if they have the know-how and the time to do it. But most people don’t do credit repair until it’s too late and they need to get it fixed immediately. That’s ok, because there are some amazing companies out there to help with getting the derogatory claims off of your record. We here at New Day Credit Repair do exactly that for our clients. As a matter of fact, we’re working with the top law firm on the planet to help you get your credit repaired, Lexington Law. When you call New Day, you’ll get a priority treatment from the folks at Lexington and we’ve even arranged for you to get a free debt report and repairing advice so you can get on the fast track to restoration of your credit.

We hope you do your homework, then you’ll come right back here to have us help you with keeping your credit score high so you can save potentially tens of thousands of dollars throughout your life in interest payments all while enjoying the good life you deserve, today.


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